Claustrophobia & Voyeurism: The Best Confined-Space Thrillers [Podcast]

As awards season gears up, it’s easy to overlook what’s currently premiering at the box office. But January gives Be Reel a chance to examine the often bizarre and flawed genre fare Hollywood throws at the wall, as well as some of the better movies that set the table. On this episode, we search for a way through the newly released “Escape Room” and discuss two of its thrilling enclosed-space predecessors in 2002’s “Panic Room” and the 1954 classic “Rear Window.”

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While these three films may seem disparate in their quality (press “play” below to find out for sure), there’s more in common between topflight Alfred Hitchcock and the modest PG-13 hit that is “Escape Room” than one might imagine.

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