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Poll: So you think you can dance

Alone or with a partner these are the best dancers of all time. Who will you choose to be your teacher?

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    Shall We Dance (1937)

    Petrov and Linda Keene ( Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire)
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    Dirty Dancing (1987)

    Johnny Castle And "Baby" Houseman (Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey)
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    Последний бойскаут (1991)

    Joe Hallenbeck alone in the roof ( Bruce Willis)
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    Saturday Night Fever (1977)

    Tony Manero (John Travolta)
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    Поющие под дождём (1952)

    Don Lockwood ( Gene Kelly)
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    Flashdance (1983)

    Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals)
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    Мой парень - псих (2012)

    Pat And Tiffany (Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence)
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    Криминальное чтиво (1994)

    Vincent Vega And Mia Wallace ( John Travolta and Uma Thurman)
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    Footloose (1984)

    Ren McCormack ( Kevin Bacon)
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    Grease (1978)

    Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen ( JOhn Travolta and Olivia Newton John)
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    Royal Wedding (1951)

    Tom Bowen ( Gene Kelly)
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    An American in Paris (1951)

    Gerry Mulligan and Lise Bouvier by the fountain ( Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron)
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    The King and I (1956)

    King Mongkut and Anna ( Yul Brinner And Deborah Kerr)
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    Paint Your Wagon (1969)

    Ben and many others( Lee Marvin)
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    Brigadoon (1954)

    The Marching Clans ( Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse)
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    White Nights (1985)

    Raymond Greenwood and Kolya Rodchenko ( Gragory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov)
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    Les uns et les autres (1981)

    Boris Itovitch ( Jorge Donn)
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    The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939)

    Vernon And Irene ( Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers)
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    Танцы без правил (1992)

    Scot & Fran (Paul Mercurio & Tara Morice)
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    Tap (1989)

    Max Washington, Little Mo, Louis Simms (Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr. & Savion Glover)

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