Окно во двор (1954) Poster

Raymond Burr: Lars Thorwald



  • [Thorwald forces Jeff's apartment door open and stands before him, closing the door behind him] 

    Lars Thorwald : What do you want from me?

    [Jeff does not reply] 

    Lars Thorwald : Your friend, the girl, could have turned me in. Why didn't she?

    [no reply] 

    Lars Thorwald : What do you want? A lot of money? I don't have any money.

    [no reply] 

    Lars Thorwald : Say something.

    [no reply] 

    Lars Thorwald : Say something! Tell me what you want!

    [Jeff continues to remain silent] 

    Lars Thorwald : Can you get me that ring back?

    Jeff : No.

    Lars Thorwald : Tell her to bring it back!

    Jeff : I can't. The police have it by now.

  • [Jeff dials the number for Thorwald's phone who is seen from a distance walking over to the phone and standing by it] 

    Jeff : [quietly to himself]  Come on, Thorwald, answer it. Come on, your curious. You wonder if it's your girlfriend calling. The one you killed for. Go on, pick it up!

    [Thorwald is seen picking up the phone] 

    Lars Thorwald : [voice]  Hello?

    Jeff : Did you get my note? Well, did you get it Thorwald?

    Lars Thorwald : [voice]  Who are you?

    Jeff : I'll give you a chance to find out. Meet me in the bar at the Albert Hotel. Do it right away.

    Lars Thorwald : [voice]  Why should I?

    Jeff : A little business meeting... to settle the estate of your late wife.

    Lars Thorwald : [voice]  I... I don't know what you mean.

    Jeff : Come on, quit stalling or I'll hang up and call the police. Would you like that?

    Lars Thorwald : [voice]  I only have 100 dollars or so.

    Jeff : That's a start. I'm at the Albert now. I'll be looking for you.

    [Jeff hangs up] 

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