Окно во двор (1954) Poster

Wendell Corey: Det. Lt. Thomas J. Doyle



  • Jeff : [into the phone]  He killed a dog last night because the dog was scratching around in the garden. You know why? Because he had something buried in that garden that the dog scented.

    Lt. Doyle : [voice]  Like an old hambone?

    Jeff : I don't know what pet names Thorwald had for his wife.

  • Lt. Doyle : How do you do?

    Lisa : We think Thorwald's guilty.

  • Lt. Doyle : You didn't see the killing or the body. How do you know there was a murder?

    Jeff : Because everything this fellow's done has been suspicious: trips at night in the rain, knifes, saws, trunks with rope, and now this wife that isn't there anymore.

    Lt. Doyle : I admit it does have a mysterious sound. But it could be any number of things for the wife disappearing. Murder is the least part.

    Jeff : Now, Doyle, don't tell me that he's just an unemployed magician amusing the neighborhood with his sleight of hand. Don't tell me that.

  • Jeff : What do you need as evidence? Bloody footprints leading up to his door?

    Lt. Doyle : One thing I don't need is heckling. You called me and asked for help. Now you're behaving like a taxpayer.

    Jeff : You know by tomorrow morning, there may not be any evidence left in that apartment, you know that?

    Lt. Doyle : A detective's worst nightmare.

  • Lisa : You can't ignore the wife dissapearing, and the trunk, and the jewelery.

    Lt. Doyle : I checked the railroad station. Yesterday at 6:20 am, he bought a ticket. Ten minutes later, he put his wife on a train. Destination: Meritsville. I asure you, the witnesses are that deep.

    Lisa : That might have been a woman, but it couldn't have been Mrs. Thorwald. That jewelery...

    Lt. Doyle : Look, Miss Fremont, that feminine intuition stuff sells magazines, but in real life it's still a fairy tale. I don't know how many times I chased down leads based on women's intuition.

  • Jeff : Who said they left then?

    Lt. Doyle : Who left where?

    Jeff : The Thorwalds at six o'clock in the morning yesterday.

    Lt. Doyle : The building superintendant and two tennants in the building lobby. Flat out statements with no hesitation. The Thorwalds were on their way to the railroad station.

    Jeff : Now Tom, how could anyone possible guess that? Did they have signs on their luggage saying 'Grand Central or Bust'?

    Lt. Doyle : The superintenant met Thorwald when he came back. When he asked where he'd been, Mr. Thorwald told him that he took his wife to Grand Central Railroad Station and put her on a train for the country. See?

    Jeff : I see. This superintenant must be a pretty bright guy. Have you checked his bank statements recently? See if he was paid off?

    Lt. Doyle : [bewildered]  Huh?

    Jeff : Well, what good is his information? It's a second-hand version of an unsupported story by the murderer himself: Thorwald. Now, did anyone actually see the woman that Thorwald was with get on the train?

    Lt. Doyle : Jeff, I hate to bring this up but this whole thing started because you said she was murdered. Now, did you or anyone else see Mrs. Thorwald being murdered?

  • Jeff : All right, Doyle. I take it that you didn't find the trunk. And all of this is just some speech you made up one night at a policeman's ball!

    Lt. Doyle : I found the trunk, a half-an-hour after I left here this morning. It was at Grand Central Station.

    Lisa : I suppose it's necessary for a man to tie up a trunk with heavy rope?

    Lt. Doyle : If the lock is broken, yes.

    Jeff : And what did you find inside the trunk? Surely no tomato paste to me?

    Lt. Doyle : Mrs. Thorwald's clothes. Clean, well-packed, not stylish, but presentable.

    Lisa : Didn't you take them to the police crime lab to have them examined?

    Lt. Doyle : I re-packed them and sent them on their merry and legal way.

    Jeff : Why would a woman who is going away for a short trip does she take everything that she owns?

    Lt. Doyle : [glares at Lisa]  Let's let the female psychologist answer that.

    Lisa : It's looks to me like she is never comming back.

    Lt. Doyle : Now, that is known as a private family quarell.

    Jeff : All right, but if she was never comming back, why didn't he tell his landlord that? I'll tell you why Thorwald never told his landlord that his wife was never comming back. It's because he was hiding something in the apartment... or he still is.

    Lt. Doyle : [stares at Lisa's overnight bag nearby]  Do you tell your landlord everything?

    Jeff : [embarassed]  Uh... I told you to be careful, Tom.

  • Jeff : Are you interested in solving this case or in making me look foolish?

    Lt. Doyle : Well, if possible, both.

    Jeff : Well then, do a good job of it. Go over there and search Thorwald's apartment. The whole place must be knee-deep in evidence.

    Lt. Doyle : I can't do that.

    Jeff : No, I mean not right now. Just wait for a while until he goes out later for drink or a paper or something. What he doesn't know woun't hurt him.

    Lt. Doyle : I can't do that even if he isn't there.

    Jeff : Why not? Does he have a curtesy card from the local police department?

    Lt. Doyle : Now don't get me angry. This is America. Not even a detective can just walk into an apartment and search it. Why personaly, if I was caught in there, they'd have my badge within 10 minutes.

    Jeff : Then make sure you don't get caught, that's all. If you find something, you have a murder. They'd probaly not care very much about a few broken house rules. If you don't find anything, the fellow's clear.

  • Lt. Doyle : What do you say we all sit down and have a nice friendly drink too, hmm? Forget all about this. We can tell lies about the good old days during the war.

    Lisa : So that's it? You're through with the case?

    Lt. Doyle : There is no case to be solved. There never was.

  • Jeff : What about the knife and saw I saw him wrapping up in newspaper?

    Lt. Doyle : Do you own a saw?

    Jeff : Well... yeah. At home in my garage, I keep...

    Lt. Doyle : How many people did you cut up with it?

  • Lt. Doyle : Lars Thorwald... is no more a murderer than I am.

    Jeff : [stunned]  You mean that you can explain everything strange that has been going on over there, and is still going on?

    Lt. Doyle : No, and neither can you. That's a secret private world your looking into out there. People do a lot of things in private they couldn't possibly explain in public.

    Lisa : Like killing their wives?

    Lt. Doyle : Get that idea out of your head. It will only lead you in the wrong direction.

  • Lt. Doyle : Jeff, you've got a lot to learn about homicide. Why, morons have committed murders so shrewdly that it's taken a hundred trained police minds to catch them.

  • Lt. Doyle : Oh, Jeff, if you need any more help, consult the yellow pages in your telephone directory.

    Lisa : Oh, I love funny exit lines.

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