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The Profit (2013– )
Exceptional Balance Between Entertainment and Small Business Managament
9 December 2014
Just happened to flip to CNBC for an after market trading check, but this show happened to be on. I ended up watching a rerun at 6 pm and the new episode later that night. What I really like about the show is that it doesn't always end in success. In the first episode I watched, Lemonis walked out on them. In the second episode, he almost did, but the owners came though. Their final product was very, very well done and seemed both viable and thoroughly thought out for sustainable, long term success.

I agree with a previous reviewer, it would be really cool at the end of each season to do check-ins with the businesses to see what aspects of their plans worked and what parts failed. I hope this show continues for many seasons to come and that the variety of businesses remains plentiful.
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Beautiful Cinematography, Captivating, Worth Seeing Again
20 November 2013
Saw the prescreening at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, MI with average expectations, this is my reaction:

This film is an experience, but not for any sort of superficial special effects, action or CGI. It's an experience in which you will feel fear, joy, hate, hope, sorrow and contempt all within an hour and 45 minutes that feels more like 15 minutes. We are sidelined, watching a short snippet of Llewyn's seemingly dismal life, drudge on by, yet we are drawn. We connect with Lleywn's anger and struggles, as if we too are burdened by his failures and challenges. But amongst the bad, there are moments of cheer, and laughter and peace reminding us that good still exists. What dominates is power, balanced by music, money and pride, yet this movie is better served as a reminder that life is an experience, and individualistic. We are reminded that more often than not, things do not fall into place and luck is rarely on our side. But no matter how many times people fail you, one should never fail, before one's self. This movie is an experience, it indirectly breaths life into each of our souls, and should appeal to anyone in touch with the most crucial human emotions: compassion and empathy. Hold on tight, because it is one experience that will remain with you long after the credits are through. Perfectly casted, perfectly scripted, perfectly filmed; perfectly entertaining.
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