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Фарго (2014– )
Phenomenal piece of cinema artwork....
20 April 2014
After watching more recent offspring of the new "One hour movie" esq shows ,ushered in by Breaking Bad, I was expecting a pretentious, exuberantly high budgeted, slow and pandering television show trying to feed off the Breaking Bad withdrawn audience. After watching the first episode of Fargo I was very surprised.

The first episode's last 20 minutes left me with anxious tingles down my spine. The mix between light hearted comedy and darkness provided by the interactions of the extras with Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. Without revealing anything about the plot I can safely say I will remember the interaction between Officer Grimly and Malvo for the rest of my life.

Also the cinematic quality of this series will be second to none as the placement of the camera in certain scenes truly adds to the comedic or dark value of the scenes.
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